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  • accurate measurement standards

    A lot of time is spent worrying about or trying to verify lengths, thicknesses, and angles on sawtables and other equipment. Machine shop measurement tools are usually way too expensive for average users. RIDGID, can't you make a bunch of .25" thick tool steel angles and all steel squares with near B grade accuracy for all of us who want to be certain of machine calibration? Surely you can beat the horrible prices found in specialty shops which is where you have to go to find most of this stuff. Also, a 4' long accurate all steel .050 thick (or greater) steel ruler shouldn't cost $88.00, but more like $30.00 in my book. With all the equipment RIDGID makes, especially the home company Emerson electric, there must be an abundance of CNC equip just waiting to turn out a lot of third level or B grade of angle, length standards, squares, steel rulers for all of us users of the RIDGID equipment whose assembly requires us to do the calibration. You could sell to all the home machinists then too. Expanding market. Great for everyone. Even in HD I think they would sell. Enough of these gimmick tools and plastic junk you find everywhere. By the way, Woody, I've been busy on projects at work, will look at your dwgs soon.

    bob phillips

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    I would certainly add rules and the like with the Ridgid name on them to my shop! Good suggestion.

    NP on the drawings Bob, I'll include you in on the list for the JP base plans.
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