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    I am a new customer of RIGID Tools, I recently bought the 4 Piece 18v Combo and must say i am loving the tools, but as many others have pointed out am disliking the bag that RIGID supplied. I kinda of miss the big box that my Dewalt kit was in, but thats life.

    I am in the market for a new hand held 3 1/4 power planer, it seems that no one makes one now that takes more than 3/32 off. Why is that my Dewalt that just passed on was a 3/16 model.

    Can anyone explain this or let me know where i can get one that takes a bit more bite out of the wood?



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    Take a look at the Porter Cable Porta-Planer Model #9118. It will only trim 3/32" per pass but is probably the most heavy duty hand-held planer on the market.

    Model 9118
    7.0 Amps, AC/DC
    22,000 RPM
    Capacities: 2 13/32" max width, 3/32" max depth
    Bevel adjustment: -15° to +45°
    Top-side calibrated scale
    100% ball bearings
    Replaceable, non-marking stainless steel shoes
    Standard Equipment: Plane, carbide-tipped spiral cutter #43263, wrench #48302, carrying case, allen wrench, and operating manual

    Or maybe the model # 9125, which has a MAX depth of 3/16"

    Model 9125
    6.0 Amps, AC/DC
    14,000 RPM
    Capacities: 3 1/4" max width, 3/16" max depth, 7/8" rabbeting depth
    Reversible carbide blades (2)
    Bevel fence and rabbeting guide included
    V-groove in front shoe for corner beveling
    Standard Equipment: Plane, bevel fence, rabbeting guide, carbide blade set #44276, allen wrench, blade wrench, carrying case, and operating manual

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