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HEPA exhaust final filter for SG 4000???

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  • HEPA exhaust final filter for SG 4000???

    Could RIDGID produce a HEPA FILTER to replace the exhaust baffle (muffler) on the SG 4000 Vac? This would allow the dust collection bag and the inner filter to do their job and then assure the exhaust air is brought to a HEPA STANDARD (99.97 mic.) This would allow the SG 4000 to be used in environmentally sensitive cleanups and for cleaning before priming and between coats in painting, varnishing, fiberglassing and fine finishing operations as well as de-leading and mold remediation work where zero dust is critical.

    This is an item I can create by adapting a standard HEPA cartridge and fitting it to couple tight to the exhaust port on the SH 4000 BUT It would be more convenient if I could just go and buy them off the shelf.

    The SG 4000 is an excellent Vac and it's exceptional suction power and portability makes it a winner in final cleanups, especially if you have dust at the edge of or in carpeting or in crevices and cracks. It is often necessary to set the Vac in the middle of a work area being preped for final finishes (solvent washed, final wet sanded and tack ragged) and thus any dust will contaminate the final preped surfaces and must be eliminated.

    Harry Parker