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Tenoning Jig for Rigid Tablesaws

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  • Tenoning Jig for Rigid Tablesaws

    I would like to know if Rigid can develop a tenoning jig for your line of table saws. I enjoy biulding furniture and many of the projects I build, I use mortise and tenon jointery. I bought the Delta tenoning jig only to find that it is not compatible with the Rigid table saw. This was an expensive lesson for me as I discovered the miter gage slot is slightly narrower than Delta's and ground the slide to fit only to find that the miter gage slot is also further away from the blade than Delta's making it unusalbe. This is a very useful and safe jig and I would like to see Rigid develop one for it's saws. Thank you.


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    Tim, I have the TS 2424 and a Delta tenon jig. (??-183). I did narrow the bar down about .010 to fit the miter slot, but I'm not sure why you think the jig is unusable???? The miter bar can be moved to an alternate set of holes to accomodate a left tilt saw. I have not had any trouble using mine. One of the new features of the model 183 was the ability to use it with a left tilt. Maybe I didn't understand your post?