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How about a Mortising Machine?

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  • How about a Mortising Machine?

    Ridgid has built and offered just about all the mainline heavy woodworking machines so far with the exception of a dedicated benchtop mortising machine. I figure they could come up with a good heavy duty one if they so wish. Would anyone here like to see Ridged develop one? And what features would you like to see? Like a nice cast iron table, or a good 3/4 hp 3450 motor?

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    I second the motion. I will be in the market for a mortiser some time in the very near future. All my machines and several vacuums in my shop, (HOBBIEST.) are made by ridgid and am very happy with them.



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      Makita has one!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!


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        I would like to see ridgid with a mortise press also
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          Before finding Ridgid tools, all of my workshop tools were Porter-Cable and Delta. 2 years ago I replaced all of my tools, EXCEPT 1, with Ridgid.

          I posted my Porter-Cable & Delta's on-line and sold them all within 2 weeks.

          The only thing that is still Delta in my shop is my dedicated mortiser. While I like it a lot, I would like to see Ridgid come out with one.

          A good cast-iron fence, adjustable hold down, 3/4 or 1 hp motor, long ratcheting lever (for ease of boring the mortises in hardwoods,) and a complete line of mortising bits. Preferably 1/4" thru 1" would be nice.

          That's just my $.02 worth of ideas for a Ridgid dedicated mortiser.
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