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adjustable head, pod battery flashlight ??????

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  • adjustable head, pod battery flashlight ??????

    working oversees for the military i had the chance to use a porter cable pod flashlight with an adjustable head. it was quite a workhorse, it lasted for hours and was amazingly bright and with the flexibility of adjustable head you could set it anywhere and it would flood the worksite. i have recently purchased a rigid cordless drill gun and i cant believe a company breaking into the cordless race wouldnt offer such a needed accessory. you do offer a fixed head, but it is only obtainable when you purchase a multi piece cordless kit please duplicate the porter cable and offer it to your customers with the cordless tool pod batteries. you cant go wrong!

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    the light in the combo package is not a fixed head light. it rotates just fine and as a plumber i find it to be as good as the other lights on the market.