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    How about a 10" (& 12") with the motor behind the blade like the 12" sliding?

    I have been looking at mitre saws for some time now. I have an old cast iron Ryobi that I am borrowing. The 10" Rigid looks very nice, with the wide dust capture port that has a straight path out to the connector, unlike a lot of others. It looks like it would pick up the dust very well (comments?) I like the 2 1/2" port too.

    The other nice thing is the quick release clamps. These seem to be ones that would be used, instead of the ones that you have to crank 100 times to change.

    The only downer is the motor is next to the blade. The motor on the Ryobi gets in the way when I am making cuts and holding the wood on the right. The Delta has a motor on top, out of the way. They don't have quick release clamps, or a dust port that looks like it would work well.