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  • Model 700 tool box

    Recently I purchased a Model 700 to use in my sprinkler business. What a great tool. I also bought the tool box to keep it in. How about a small pocket to keep the extra tool dies in?

    I also got the nice tri-stand vise. These were added to my collection of aluminum pipe wrenches. In fact all of my pipe tools are Ridgid, even the cutting oil. The first real pipe tool I bought was a non-Ridgid pipe cutter. I threw it away and since have used only Ridgid tools

    I also just purchased an oiler, but it had a loose fitting on the hose that needed to be tightened. Not a problem, just don't want you people to get the big head.

    Does this qualify for a calender?

    Douglas Hicks
    General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc