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  • Trunion Mounted Splitter

    I have always been disappointed with manufacturers spitters. Biesmeyer makes a cool aftermarket unit that bolts right to the under table balde assembly, but they don't make one for Ridid saws. It would be nice if they re-engineered their splitters...there's no denying how importand a good splitter is. I can operate my saw safely without a blade guard, but I think a splitter is almost indispensible.

    Has anyone come across an aftermarket unit or come up with their own solution?

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    I agree all saws should be able to mount a splitter on the blade carriage, so it tilts if you tilt the blade.
    I would love to see Ridgid engineer this for their saws.
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      Yup, got to go along with that. Would love an after market for my saw, but have to make my own splitter out of hardwood. Since the blade gaurd is worthless on all but wide straigh rip operation, mine is "new in the box" so to speak. But that plitter is real important.
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        You made your own? Would you consider sharing how you did it? Sounds interesting....


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          It's really nothing more than a reice of 2" tall by 1" wide peice of wood planed and sanded down so that it is just a tad thinner than the kurf of the blade. It is then set into my shop made zero clearance plate just to the rear of the blade. The leading edge is sanded to a point.

          I have even sen people make them by using a nail or two. Just got to make sure your splitter is at a dead 90 to the blade is all.
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            The new TS3612 splitter tilts with the blade guard, and I haven't had to remove the guard for any cuts I've made (haven't done any dados yet, which would obviously require removal). I just bought this saw last weekend and really like all of the new features it has, including adjusting for squareness through the top using a couple of hex screws.