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  • Herc-U-Lift

    One of the best things about the TS2424 is the Herc-U-Lift that's included. After looking at a number of mobile base designs, the Herc-U-Lift is one of the most impressive ideas I've seen. I love the basic concept of pushing a single pedal to make the saw mobile -- no zillion-turn knobs to deal with, or big levers to stow between moves. It's brilliant.

    How about an adjustable, "Universal" Herc-u-lift? Something that will fit _any_ open, 4-legged stand... bandsaws, lathes, tool stands for benchtop tools... and perhaps a mobile base that will fit other "closed stand" machines, as well. I think that either would sell like hotcakes!


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    I agree with you!!
    Andy B.


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      I, too, agree but if nothing else a Herc-U-Lift for the Ridgid 'universal tool stand' would be good.

      J J

      [ 10-10-2001: Message edited by: J J ]


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        I agree 100 percent. The Herc-u-Lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I wouldn't stop at the universal stand. I would make it adjustable to be able to mount on all Ridgid products (bandsaw, lathe, and the univeral stand). In my opinion, most people who buy your equipment have shops that cannot dedicate precious space for one piece of equipment. Thanks.


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          We're way ahead of you already. Keep an eye out about February for a new version of the Herc-U-Lift made to fit a wide variety of stands.



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            I know this is too late and maybe you've already fixed it, but if your floor isn't perfectly level, the lift doesn't clear the legs by very much and they sometimes hang up and make the saw stop moving while you're repositioning it.
            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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              I agree that Herculift needs to lift higher.

              If your workshop is a garage, and you need to navigate the 1-2 inch step that every building code seems to require in a garage floor, a VERRRRRYYYYY long ramp is required to not hang up the legs.

              In my garage, and most I have seen since garages were called woodworking shops, the saw needed to come to the center of the room for use, and up the step for storage.