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  • offer cordless drills ala carte

    Here's a thought to save contractors a few bucks and perhaps sell a few more drills. Offer a drill and battery only option (no case, no charger). I would like to replace my old Bosch 12V's with Ridgid 12V's to compliment my 18V combo and to consolidate on one charger. I just can't see spending $260 to do it. If I could cut the cost significantly by eliminating 2 chargers and 2 cases that I don't need I would be more tempted. Even better, offer the 3/8 drills with the better X2 batteries. As it is, the compact drills are not a good value compared to other small drills in the price range because of the lower AH battery.

    Ebay is no solution either. I've seen lots of bare 18V X2 drills from people breaking up kits, but no smaller drills individually.

    I also know lots of people want cases, but please don't offer to buy them from me if I buy the drills. I doubt the small case would fit the 18V X2 drill. And, according to the satisfaction guarantee/warranty requirements I am bound to return the entire kit if there is a problem.