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  • #16 thoughts on this supject/problem,

    It's really not that Emerson/Ridgid doesn't WANT to sell more tools, they do. But, I think, they want to do it in a way that doesn't piss off Delta and Jet/Powermatic. You see, Emerson builds motors for Delta, Jet/Powermatic and a whole lot of other companies. They might even build motors for Ryobi. So if you buy say a Delta RAS, your getting an Emerson motor. Now I'm sure Delta has more than one supplier of motors for their equipment, but maybe not. Delta puts up with Emerson/Ridgid selling woodworking tools because they used to build the stuff for Sears anyway and as long as Home Depot is the only place to buy Ridgid woodworking tools, then Delta figures that they wouldn't have gotten that sale anyway. They, Delta, thinks that that customer shopped at Sears and/or Home Depot. Not their customer (Delta's) so they (Delta) don't care.
    What you guys have to understand is that the bad service we get in Home Depot actually helps us get really well made tools at great prices. The tool is more important than the retailer. I own the Ridgid TS2412, the JP0610 and the EB4424. I plan on getting the Ridgid planer real soon. So, forget about the retailer and get back in the shop.
    The opinions expressed are just that, opinions.
    Eastchester, NY
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      John, most motors I see on Delta equipment are Marathon. I admit not having done a study, though.

      Question I have is, if not Home Depot, who? Good, bad, or indifferent, they are about the largest venue there is. Compare 1,321 Home Depots with 61 Woodcrafts.

      (not affiliated with Ridgid or Emerson Tool)


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        Good points John54 and Dave. Maybe a better topic would have been: "Get Rid of the Exclusive contract with Home Depot".

        I should first say that I really like the Ridgid Tools that I have (RS1000, TS2424, JP0610, and TP1300) My original thoughts when I started buying Ridgid tools were Good Quality, Excellent Warranty, and available everywhere (via Home Depot). I make trips to Home Depot at least every other week.

        However, I started this thread out of utter frustration in finding not only accessories, but the tools themselves. They lost one sale last week. I got tired of waiting for a DP1550 so I bought a Delta 17-925. If Ridgid would start selling the tools online, that would certainly help, however, I would hope the price would be discounted without the middleman and to compensate for shipping costs.

        What I was really hoping to do is drum up comments from other members to make Ridgid/Emerson aware of the many problems in their relationship with Home Depot. I would prefer to stick with Ridgid Tools, the Excellent Warranty, and of course Jake. However, with a Woodcraft and several Woodworkers Warehouses within a 45min drive the reasons to buy another brand are piling up.


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          Mark R,

          They have the flip-top at all three of your local Homedepot's. I purchased mine at the Chicopee location and they have a ton in Wilbraham. I also saw them in W.Spfld on Dec 23rd in my quest to find the Porter Cable router combo with the free guide. W.Spfld could be tricky though (it's a zoo)!

          I too highly recommend them. They pickup the boards and slide oh so smooth. They're also very stable and don't move at all when a board meets them.


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            Thanks for the Info J Reed. If so, I must apologize and stand corrected on my earlier post in this thread.

            I was there last week (W. Springfield) and didn't notice them, but then again I was concentrating my search on a Drill Press and a few Zero Clearance inserts.

            P.S. You made me do a double take, the company that I work for was founded by it's CEO: John Reed.

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              You can blame HD all you want but the problem is really Ridgid's. If Ridgid would use properly trained and motivated factory reps sales would increase. If sales increased HD would start stocking more products, if more products were stocked more sales would be made and etc.

              Ridgid is paying a bunch of factory reps to do basically nothing. They need people that will go in and convince HD management the best thing they can do is highlight Ridgid tools. Then they need to be in the stores teaching HD clerks how to market their products. I guarantee the more time Ridgid people spend with HD people will directly effect how much time HD people spend selling Ridgid.

              People always want to look smart. Teach a HD person the right answers to the a customers questions about the Ridgid tools and he will sell them just to show how knowledgeable he is. Give him the “inside scoop” about a new tool or how to use an existing tool to accomplish a customer project and he will be your star salesman.

              I see other manufacturing reps in the stores talking with customers and sales people, and cleaning and setting up displays. When I ask them a question they have a knowledgeable answer. When I see the Ridgid reps they act they have to be there, could care less about their displays and quite frankly know little or nothing about their products.

              In chain stores like HD what has the biggest effect on product availability and presentation is the factory reps selling their product first to store management, secondly to store personnel and lastly to the customer. Until Ridgid steps up to this I don’t care what store you put Ridgid into it won’t be any better.

              Ridgid needs to wake up, they are no longer dealing with a Sears where sales people once were motivated to sale “Sears” saws. Their in a whole new world with a lot of competition and customers that have many options.
              Rev Ed


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                Dear RevEd,

                Your dreaming. You want expert advice/service AND low prices? - It can't happen. In my 40 years on this planet, I have learned that you can't have both at the same time. The only way you can make people really care about the quality of the job they are doing is pay them well. If H.D. paid ALL of their sales people well, if they were ALL full time employees, if they "gave a **** ", then you would get great service and a clean well stocked store. BUT! this costs money. You wouldn't have the low prices. So, what do you REALLY want? If you want a nice clean, well stocked store with sales people that know their **** , then get yer *** to Garrett Wade in NYC!
                Just my 2 cents.
                Have a great day in the shop.
                Eastchester, NY
                "He who is not just a little bit scared of his power tools, we call stubby" ~ John M Peragine


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                  My shop has almost all the tools I will need and unfortunately only one is a Ridgid, the BS1400, and it's a great tool. Had I known at the time I was buying tools what I know now odds are good to excellent that I would have purchased Ridgid tools only.
                  I think we have to keep in mind that when we go shopping that the sales people are just that, sales people. They rarely do woodworking on the side and have little if any knowledge of woodworking tools.
                  As sales people however they should know enough and be required to keep display items clean and clear of other items. They should also know or be able to find out reasonably quick what they have in stock. In this area HD is lacking.
                  Reading through these threads I don't see a complaint about Ridgid, I see a complaint about HD. I would agree that Ridgid should address any problems they have with HD. It is my belief their sales would improve dramatically.
                  What I'll need next in my shop is a thickness sander and a decent sharpening system that will do planer and jointer knives, as well as lathe chisels. Any plans for Ridgid to make these anytime soon ?


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                    I understand many of your concerns and while I do not have any specific comments, I pass on any of these threads to those how need to see them.



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                      It's not just Ridgid displays and products at Home Depot, read this link:
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                        I'm sure Ridgid would love to dump Home Depot. From what I've read on this website it sounds like Ridgid is in some kind of long term contract with HD that prevents them from selling their products through other vendors. I must agree with the original premise of this thread...HD absolutely sucks. Most of their sales staff have no clue what they're talking about and management doesn't seem to care how the customers are treated. I talked to a friend who works at HD and he said that there was a definite shift in management at the corporate level a few years ago and that all of the long term employees are just as disgusted as we are.


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                          Guys, RevEd was absolutly corrct. My wife works at HD and tells me everyday how 4 DeWalt reps came in, or how 3 Milwaukee reps cam in and so on. She has also told me how GOOD the reps are at selling their product.(she gave me a story how the rep could stop in mid sentence, sell a tool to someone, then fnish the sentence.)

                          When I asked about the Ridgid reps, she said that they barely ever come in, and don't sell their product nearly as good as the others. In my opinion, the Ridgid stuff is just as good, (I own a ton of the stuff now) but when the displays don't look good, don't expect anyone to buy. I think the reps visit plumbing suppliers a whole lot more!

                          Also, the employees are trained by the factory reps. They call it a PK, or product knowledge class. I know that HD pays their people to take them, as my wife has come home an hour or so late on many occasions because of one. If the HD staff isn't selling it like it should be, then maybe they need the information. JMO


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                            John54 if you will read what I wrote I said the problem is with Ridgid not HD or HD employees. It would not effect prices should Ridgid would start expecting and getting what they are already paying for. Right now Ridgid is paying a bunch of product reps for nothing in my opinion. It is the product reps that setup and maintain store displays, not store employees. It is product reps that suggest stocking inventory and replenishment. It is product reps that teach product knowledge to store employees. It is product reps that motivate store employees to sell Ridgid over Dewalt, Delta and etc.

                            HD is in business to make money if they make it selling Ridgid okay. If they make it selling Dewalt fine. For HD to stock more Ridgid products they have to be shown it will sale. To do that you need marketing by product reps.

                            Ridgid is in a new area, before they sold to Sears and the product carried the Sears label. Therefore Sears had a reason to sell their products. They also sold to small customer base plumbing supply shops. In the plumbing shops sales are based on customer loyalty to the shop not the products.

                            That all changed when they walked into HD. They entered a world where most people don't even know the Ridgid name. What will sell their product in stores like HD are attractive eye catching displays. People that are excited about the product. People trained to talk intelligently about their products.

                            Ridgid’s factory/product reps that I have meet and talked to couldn't sell me a nickel for 4 cents. They knew little or nothing of the products, had an attitude that they could care less about me, Ridgid or selling anything. I was actually shocked the first time I meet one. I have now learned that one wasn’t exception but rather the rule. If you don’t believe me go talk to one and then go talk to a Delta/Porter Cable or Dewalt factory rep. You will see a day and night difference.

                            Look what happened when they came out with a new 3612 saw. They let HD give it the same stock number. They should have warned HD of the potential confusion and mess it would cause. I’ll bet no one in Ridgid even guessed what happened would happen. They are in a new area and need to learn that to sell their product they need a very aggressive and highly motivated factory sales force.

                            I'm not an expert but I will tell you the problems with Ridgid and HD are mostly Ridgid's fault.
                            Rev Ed


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                              I respect your opinion but, your missing the point.
                              If Ridgid wants their Reps to do a better job then Ridgid has to a) Pay them more, and b) Hire more of them. I suspect that the Ridgid Reps have so many stores assigned to each of them that they can't spend more time in each store. If Ridgid hires more Reps this will cost more money which will be passed on to the customer in the form of higher prices. You get what you pay for. The other reason I suspect that things are this way is the business that Emerson Electric does with the other tool companies. Fact; Delta buys some of there motors from Emerson Electric, how many? I don't know, but I don't think that Emerson Electric wants to lose that buisness. So right now Ridgid can't go head to head with Delta. If Ridgid started to sell to Woodcraft, Woodworkers Warehouse, Amazon etc.. then they would lose all of the Delta business. For all we know they might be making much more money on the Delta business than the woodworking line at Home Depot. And what about the motors they sell to Jet/Powermatic, Makita, etc., they might lose that business also.
                              It's more complicated than you or I can imagine.
                              Just my 2 cents!
                              Have a great day in the shop.
                              Eastchester, NY
                              "Beer is proof that God exists and He wants us to be happy." ~ Benjamin Franklin


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                                Hey Ridgid! Why don't you sell your tools in England? Also in today's The Wall Street Journal they have ab article on HD!

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                                Andy B.