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    WOW! whats with the home depot and ridgid thing anyway...


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      The notion of HD owning Ridgid is impregnated to employees thru upper management and continuously
      taught to new associates,one can ask most HD managers and they also will tell you the same.As far as I'm told...HD does own them..and I sure wish someone from Ridgid would clear this up for me please.Who Owns What?



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        Depot Dave,

        This point has been "cleared up" many times on this forum by RIDGID people. HD does not, I repeat, does not own RIDGID. The mystery to me though is why RIDGID tolerates this blatant misrepresentation to continue!
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          Wheew Thank You.
          I'll relay this on to every employee whom which beleives HD does own Ridgid,and I'm sure it will become a debate from some upper managment.When is Ridgid going to pull out? I feel there sales will increase from being sold by professionals than by kids who cant find the power switch.When asked,his reply was "whats a fence".


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            I've been away from these forums for a long time and I am trying to return as a regular visitor and this is my first return posting.

            I can't comment on whether or not Ridgid is being sufficiently aggressive with its marketing. I see "almost" as many ads in the magazines for Ridgid as other brands. It would do Ridgid a lot of good to be able to have a hands-on/demo Ridgid booth at the big woodworking shows, right across from the Dewalt booth(s). Whether or not they can do this with the HD business arrangement, I can not comment on this either. Some business agreements can really be restrictive.

            I do wish that HD sold more of Ridgid's accessories and Ridgid has expressed a desire to be able to do this. I do not know if any progress has been made on this topic but I have not seen an increase in accessories at my area's HDs. And I do wish that Ridgid were available from other dealers.

            However, I think, for the most part, that HD is getting a bum rap. The problems that I read about in this and other forums -- especially about the lack of product knowledge by employees -- exists *everywhere* to varying degrees. You can go to one HD, Lowes or Sears (yuck) and have nothing but bad experiences and then go to another in the same chain and have nothing but great experiences.

            The city where I live (Huntsville, Al) has three Lowes and 2 HDs. One of each is less than four miles from my house. The other two Lowes stores and the other HD are a long drive away (long when you need something that you forgot for a project). But if I need to go to a Lowes (rarely since HD moved nearby) I will drive across town to avoid the local one because the local Lowes hires a lot of teens that know absolutely nothing and have no desire to learn. There have been exceptions to this, however.

            On the other hand, both HDs are absolutely superb. Especially the one nearest to my home (Madison/West Huntsville, Al) which is the store that I patronize most often. The employees *know* the products that they are selling and they know how to *use* the products.

            And if the employees aren't happy, they are great actors because -- and I'm not telling a tall tale here -- I have actually seen some singing and dancing in the isles! I can say that just about every time I go into the local Lowes, I see different faces (employee turnover), but I always encounter the same friendly faces at the local HD (employees are staying). But I digress.

            The management and customer service is outstanding at my local HD. Never -- absolutely never -- have I *ever* received more assistance, information and just plain concern about my (the customer's) needs than at the West Huntsville HD. I hate like the devil on those rare occasions when I have to go somewhere else for a purchase because this HD is so great! I know that if I have any problems, questions or concerns with a purchase that they will be taken care of in a fast an curteous manner at this HD. And their displays of Ridgid tools are just as good as any other brand.

            Those of you that have seen bad displays of Ridgid tools at HDs? You should see the Delta displays at my local Lowes. Not THAT is pitiful!

            By the way, I do not work for HD nor do I have any financial interest in it. Though I wish I had some stock so I could earn back some of the money that I spend there. I am just a computer geek who happens to be a serious do-it-yourselfer/woodworker.


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              Why do you suppose there is such a difference in service etc. from one HD to the next? McDonalds, love em or hate em, manages to be very consistant.

              Is HD not overseeing their stores and managers, demanding a certain leval of performance, but just letting some lazy managers and staff rule the roost?

              There are many HD's in my local area, and there is a huge difference in the way they are operated and maintained. Just the other day a friend from another area came back from one of our local HD and said it was the 'armpit' of Home Depots. I was in the same store later for some electrical wire. The customer ahead of me was buying some lamp cord, and the salesperson, after spooling it off, had no idea how to cut it. So, the cusomer found some bolt cutters in a jumbled pile of tools on the floor and chewed through it with those. I wanted some 6 gauge single conductor; the 'associate' asked if I knew what it looked like and could I show it to her on the rack, so I did. As she finished measuring it another salesperson brought her a pair of wire stripper/cutters, which she DID NOT KNOW HOW TO USE.

              I don't expect most HD salespeople to be experts, if they were they'd be working somewhere else for more money. But come on, this is lazy management.


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                Emerson is pulling out of America and moving to France, guess who will pull out of Ridgid? that's right me along with other wood workers andbody else! would like to see some more commets on this before I destroy a lot of my tool's


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                  France? Where'd you read that? The WW tools have shifted to the Orient somewhere...we think Ryobi got the contract...I'm out on any new tools they produce if that's the case, but as far as destroying perfectly good tools?...NO WAY...I'm keeping mine....hope you were joking.
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                    Wow. HD is getting their butt kicked in this thread.

                    Regarding the Ridgid factory reps, I have only met 2 and in different HD's in Louisiana. They both were great. Knowledgable, helpful. One of them gave me a couple of 10" saw carbide sawblades and a 20% discount on a 10" Miter saw and Spindle sander. I told the other that I was looking for a dust collecter for my RAS. The next week, he delivered it to my house! How much better can it get?

                    As for as the knowledge of the HD salespeople, I don't need much from them. Just point me toward what I ask for and I'll decide what I need to do.

                    Just my humble opinion.

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                      I've come to the conclusion that if you want fanny-patting service go to Rockler's or Woodcraft. If you just want to purchase what you need and get back to work HD or Lowes will suffice. It's HD's choice to operate the way they do and that is primarily for construction contractors not the home tradesman, Lowes leans more to the DIY weekend warriors.


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                        All I ever want from HD people is to tell me where something is located. Often they have a hard time with that.