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RIDGID SG 4000 Vac

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  • RIDGID SG 4000 Vac

    Does RIDGID make a HEPA FILTER to fit the SG 4000?

    Do they make dust collection bags for the SG 4000? This greatly extends the efficient suction life and time between filter cleanings when working in fine dust.

    If not, they would be great assets to this powerful and light cleanup machine when working in ultra fine dust pickup in critical environments.

    ALSO; could you make a HEPA FILTER to replace the exhaust baffle? This would allow the dust collection bag and the inner filter to do their job and then bring the exhaust air to a HEPA STANDARD (99.97 mic.) This is an item I can create by adapting a standard HEPA cartridge and fitting it to couple tight to the exhaust port on the SH 4000 BUT It would be more convenient if I could just go and buy one off the shelf.

    Harry Parker