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3/4" dies & 36" pipe wrenches=trouble/why?

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  • 3/4" dies & 36" pipe wrenches=trouble/why?

    Is there something about the geometry with a 3/4" die and 36" pipe wrench that makes them different from their peers? It would seem we are unable to get the same life from 3/4" dies as any other size. It would also seem that a 36" pipe wrench is more likely to slip than any other! Anybody else care to comment?

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    I worked in the oil field for several years and used 36s nearly every day. I guess they don't last as long is because they're used for manly stuff. When I break a sweat using a couple of 36s on a stubborn fitting with 8' foot cheaters it's no wonder they tire quickly. Roughnecks drill em deeper!


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      We have a "veteran" 36" that seemed to be finished, but man, those new jaws we put on made it like new again. I think the "geometry" of the wrench has to do with the size of pipe to the size of wrench ratio. Most sizes that are worked on with a 36" probably need a 48". I sleep pretty good at night after using either a 36" or 48" alot during the day...

      D. McLean


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        I have found that the aluminium wrench's seem to go through jaws faster, but work great and have a 36 that is atleast 10 years old that works great if i have good jaws in it. I use a steel 36 if I'm going to use a pullpipe on it and have had the same jaws in it for 5 years now.
        As far as the question about the 3/4 dies not lasting? I have fond that the cutting oil used makes a huge difference as to how long the dies last.


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          So what Cutting oil helps make the dies last longer?


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            Anytime I've ever used any cutting oil it has always been ridgid and it seemed to work great. Not only letting the dies or taps last longer but also making it very easy to cut.