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  • EB4424

    I'm a cabinet maker and do lot's of work on the side, so a good machine is a must but size to, this sand belt machine is a small version of the industrial ones, the problem is needs small changes to make even better, a little bigger so it mean's a bigger belt and also a moving tabel so we can better use the paper, this model is good when working on site like the job I'm doing at the moment, but a bigger and stationary model with a biger belt is a must, other brands have it but this one is on the up right position so no need to modify, and before I forget a bit of more power also in not a bad idea.
    I'm not saying to making industrial size but with a biger belt the table size increases and it's more stable to sand the edges of doors and other's.
    I will bye the first one that you "improve"

    [ 05-20-2005, 11:55 PM: Message edited by: Poveiro ]