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Change color scheme or go out of business!

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      Funny, the most important part of my saw is polished cast iron grey. Thats the only part I really concern myself with. Oh, yeah, the red blade and the yellow key are of equal concern.

      TS2424-1 Grey on the bottom, I think.
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        I see colors!

        I did'nt like the orange color for stationary tools either , but bought my Jointer/Planer - JP06101 based on facts, price , overall value, ease of setup and use. Once I got it home in my garage ,it just blended in with all the other colors as I don't buy just one brand. I even went back and bought the Bandsaw BS14002. I have Silver, Red, Yellow, Black, and a few others. In each tool I look at whats out there in each type of tool , do some research find whats available in my price range and make a choice not on color.Seems foolish to me to only buy one brand of tools anyways.Buy whats best in each catagory within your budget is my thought. Why put all your eggs in one basket as they say? I own ,Craftsman,Snap-on, Mac, Matco, Ridgid,Delta, Dewalt,B&D and others .Just my thoughts on it.


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          i own Bosch, Dewalt, Ridgid, Skill, I don't care what color it is but to make my work tools unique I used some masking tape and metallic silver spray paint.

          Couldn't help it, this horse still needs to be shot!
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            this is the most worthless thread ever started here.


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              Re: Change color scheme or go out of business!

              I'm going to put the # 20 , GO Stewart on mine .


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                Re: Change color scheme or go out of business!

                LOL.....!!!! Toollady said it all.... subject please...