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    I just picked up a set of Ridgid screwdrivers and I noticed that I didn't see any Ridgid nutdrivers. If they exist, can someone please tell me where to get them, and if they don't, would Ridgid please make them. Thank you.
    - Rob

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    I'm interested to see them Can u comment on the construction and design. Do they appear to be well built and are they worth the money? (how much did u pay and what is included in the set?)



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      The set I bought included six screwdrivers. The handles are large and cushioned. The blades appear to be well constructed and it looks like they could take a beating and keep on ticking. The handles are also bright orange and make them that much easier to find under houses and in your toolbox. They cost me about twenty US dollars. In my opinion, one of the best set of screwdrivers I have ever purchased. Would recommend them to anyone.

      P.S.- The Home Depot where I bought them had a whole display including single screwdrivers.

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        Ridgid makes 2 different sets. One has a straight handle, one has a handle that turns about a 45 degree angle, both ratchet. Both come with nut driver bits and magnetic sockets of the 1/4" hex size. I wish I had the packages to tell ya the numbers. I believe this is all Ridgid offers in nut drivers, at least from what I've seen.

        I'll never buy another screwdriver other than Ridgids. I've owned plenty. Craftsman, Snap-On, Cornwell, Mac, and a ton of cheapies. The soft rubbery grip, and the shape of the Ridgid handles are simply a engineering marvel. With my crippling grip of my hands, the handles make up for it. The grip you can get on these things are just amazing.
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