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  • Jobsite Work stand or Table

    with our current machining technology I would think RIDGID could produce a light weight folding Work stand or table. I work in the Aviation industry, Having a versitle platform that can sub as a stand, table etc would be a great addition to anyones arsonal. In our industry setting the standard and maintaining is how we earn customers and keep them.
    Just a thought Thanks Mike

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    What happened to the RIDGID MS-UV. I went to Home depot to get one on sale and they were discontinued. Why doesn't Rigid take the Henry Ford approach and sell the thing for a low price. My Home Depot said there were over 25 reserved over the available backorder. The design looked like everything I needed.


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      Yeah, I am wondering what is going on too. I was two different HDs this week and neither had ANY MS-UVs or Flip-Top Stands. I know the MS-UVs sold out quick a couple weeks ago when they went on sale at $99, however I saw no sale for the flip-top stands and my local HD had 3 cases of them (12/case) just 10 days ago, now they have none old (grey on grey) or the new Black/Silver Flip-Tops.