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    I have an old Craftsman jigsaw that I inherited from my Father. Well used and still going strong but I have had interest in the newer orbital action jigsaws. However, I can't give up this old Craftsman because of a feature that it seems no one else uses in their jigsaws these days.

    I looked at the Ridgid jigsaw and liked what I saw. The features were great and seemed like a solid machine. I like the vac hookup. But it would seem impractical to use a vac hookup when cutting out a hole or something more intricate and you have to constantly turn the saw on the workpiece. But if you had this one feature that my old Craftsman had that would be easier and it would push me over to buying a new jigsaw and retiring my Father's saw.

    That feature is a completely rotating blade that allows you to rotate the blade using a handle on the top of the saw to make intricate cuts without turning the saw body. I can turn it and saw in any direction and then lock it in the forward or reverse direction if desired. This saw has seen a lot of work and never any problems.

    Could such a feature be built into an orbital type saw?