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  • rigid power shears

    i work in metal framing and i recently had to put up about 1500 linear feet of 20 gage 12" flat strap (sheet metal) on the walls of many condo closets. the material needed to be cut to fit for each wall of the closets and the company i am working for at the moment only has one power shear which was not available to me at the time, therefore i had to cut first 300 feet of the flat strap by hand with snips. that didn't go very well with my hand cuz i was getting some mean'o cramps on my thumb and fingers so i decided to get me some powers shears of my own, but after spending one weekend at various places i couldn't hunt down any power sheers so i wound up buying the rigid 14" abrasive cut off saw which i am currently using to cut the flat strap to size.

    i still would like to get some power shears and i was hoping rigid would put one out on the market.

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    Considering that most RIDGID tools are geared more towards plumbers and steamfitters, I doubt if you'll see one in the near future. But, as the saying goes, you never know.
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      yeah, i too thought it was a long shot, hopefully that won't be the case with the finish nailers.