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  • rigid batteries

    How about making a battery that actually does what is advertised and lasts putting more than 5 or 6 - 3'' screws in wood.
    ernie stone

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    If your batteries really only lasts long enough to drive 5 or 6 3" long screws, you most likely have one of two possible problems;

    a. You didn't read the manual that came with your drill and improperly broke in your batteries.
    b. You have defective batteries.
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      Its no secret the batterys ridgid put out were not that good from the get go. i am sure they will get better.
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        I've never had a problem with my Ridgid batteries. They hold a charge for quite a long time---even when using them in the circ. saw.

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          5-6 Screws, what are you using, black & decker.LOL
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            you need a man to do a man's job and the right tool for the job, it's best left at that!!!

            Be safe out there folks.

            Bob B.
            Be safe out there folks
            Bob B