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2424 v. 3612 tablesaws

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  • 2424 v. 3612 tablesaws

    Looking to buy a new table saw and Home Depot does not know crap about them.. quite dissapointing. I am looking to move away from Craftsman. Can someone give me some direction as to which is better to buy...
    the 2424 or the 3612??/


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    The TS3612 is the replacement (or new and impoved model) for the TS2424. Has an improved fence and rails slid to the right for 36" capacity.

    If you are looking at a TS2424 at a HD it is a left over stock, have them look on the shelves for a TS3612. They are the same price.

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      You've made a good start here. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make a decision before you go to the store. At HD they'll sell you a Ridid, at Lowes you'll go home with a Delta, and at Woodworkers Ware house you'll go home and start saving for a JET.

      The JET and Delta are solid machines but the features, warranty, and support on a Ridgid are all top notch.

      I have the TS3612 and I'm regret free. Taking the time to set it up right pays off big too.

      I like the 3612 more than the 2424. I dont need 24 on the left and rarely use the 12 I have. The extra 12 on the right (24 + 12 =36) is great though. I like being able to slide the fence way over and get it out of the way. That way I don't have to put it away all the time. When I do though the rubber coated hooks below work great.

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        Thanks Rix and Reed, you have me conviced to part ways with the Craftsman. Although I am a live long Craftsman person, their stuff could use s bit beefing up. Service was my biggest issue since I have 2 sears service centers near by and the closest RIdgid service is about 150 miles. But what it sounds like is I really may not need it.

        Does the 3612 ever go on sale at Home Depot or do I feed the craving and run out now and get it for the @$580 or can I get this thing mail order??

        thanks.. Kevin


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          If you don't have a HD credit card, open one up and get a 10% discount.