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More compact belt drive tablesaws?

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  • More compact belt drive tablesaws?

    With reguards to your TS3650 Stationary Table Saw, have you considered mounting the drive motor underneath the top (instead of sticking out the back)?? Other companys (Grizzly) do this & it seems to save alot of space. I'd rather buy a RIDGID saw, but my shop space is a bit narrow so the more compact the better. I know you have the portable type (direct drive) but I want the belt drive type & wouldn't mind spending more to get it. The Grizzly I'm seriously considering is $825.00, but it also weighs 420 lbs. Also IF either had the "saw stop" option I'd buy it! I have seen too many stubby fingered woodworkers from saw accidents & It would be worth it to me! Thanks for your Consideration, "Bookum Danno"

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    If you want saw stop you will need to purchase it from them. They have a 10" contractor saw available for $799
    Saw Stop Site