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Riving Knife on Table Saws!!!

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  • Riving Knife on Table Saws!!!

    Ridgid has done a great job designing a new line of tools. I have one big suggestion for Ridgid table saws: add a riving knife!

    If the TS2400 and TS3650 had riving knives, along with the excellent fence system, these would be the best bench-top and contractor saws on the market!

    Come on, be the first major American company to add a riving knife to your saws! I promise if you do it, I will personally sing Ridgid's praises all over the Web and make sure to tell everyone, everywhere, about it!!!

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    I have the ts3650 saw and agree with you.The SAW STOP saws have them and they are in america(Oregon I beleive) but not a major brand yet.I think Im gonna buy there cabinet saw,although it is $2400.without the fence.I just had a friend re-wire my shop and I have wired my TS3650 up to the 220v and what a differece.I dont know how many people have done this but I wish I would have done it long ago.