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TP1300 dust chute clogging

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  • TP1300 dust chute clogging

    When working with pine (not my favorite!) the dust chute creates a lot of problems. Pine tends to clog the system much to fast and I end up with a lot of chips getting blown back on the wood and then being compressed on top of the board resulting in a fish scale looking appearance. Pine will clog even when taking a 1/32" pass on the board, and it takes only a few boards to get it clogged up. My suggestion is to change the dust chute so that instead of having those small ports from the motor blower come out on the bottom of the dust chute (pine generally clogs the system before it even gets to the outlet holes), open the whole thing up so that it has more than the 5/8" to blow the chips through. I have my planer hooked up to a dust collector, but the 2-1/2" port is also a source of clogging when planing wide pine boards. I would love to be able to buy a dust chute that replaces the whole thing and opens up to a 4" connector for my dust collector. Until then I'm going to have to either have a sheet metal shop build me one or get a different planer!

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    I got the same thing with my delta planer and pine. Even though i'm useing a 4" hose!
    Andy B.


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      The TP1300 dust collection attachment is 2 1/2" on one side, and 4" on the other. Pull the plug out of the 4" side, and insert it into the 2 1/2" port. Least that is the way it is on mine.

      My Wet/Dry Vac gives little assistance in any planning process, pine or otherwise. I usually start the board and use the air line and blow into the infeed end as it goes through. Not the best solution, but it works.
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