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Suggestions for PowerSpin Drill Powered Snake

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  • Suggestions for PowerSpin Drill Powered Snake

    I've found your PowerSpin to be an excellent light weight tool for property maintenace craftsmen. I use it five or more times a week for kitchen sinks and bathroom sink and tub clogs.

    I am using it with my two speed rechargable drill. This drill has a clutch which can be set to a low pressure (3 or 4 out of 20) setting making it far less likely to wrapup and kink than the high speed unclutched K-39.

    Also by having two speeds on my drill I can advance it at 300 RPMs and retract it at 1000 RPMs. I have found that this combination is faster and has been more successful at clearing clogs than using our shop K-39.

    The K-39 is a far superior drain tool compaired to the equlivant General or Marco brand tools. We have all three in our shop. But with price tags in the 250 to 500 dollar range most handy men can't afford to equipe themselves with one. The K-26 hand snake is a good hand tool. But at twice the price of the PowerSpin it is slow and won't go through a clog as easily.

    My only disapointment is that I have broken the clip that holds the cable snake in place twice and can't find a replacement snake or clip anywhere.

    My suggestion would be for you to make the cable clip in the PowerSpin more durable and make both the lightweight snake and clip availible as replacement parts.

    This would give you an excellent tool for the maintenance professional that is durable, easy on the toolbox space, efficient, and good for the wallet.