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    I like my ridgid vacuum...but with that said...that sucker is LOUD!! There is no reason for that...they need to put a damper on the noise! I bought a plug at home despot that was supposed to quiet it down and stop the dust from blowing out the exhaust port...doesn't help either one!
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    yes youre right. its very loud. but on the later models now they do have a noise mufflers on them..


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      Hi Ho Sliver,

      You didn't mention the model that you had. I just bought the 12 gal WD1245 and was surprised how less noisy it was compared to my old Craftsman 8 gal shop vac. Please notice that I didn't say how "quiet" I thought it was though!

      Overall, IMHO Ridgid seems to have done a fairly decent job of bringing the noise level down on their new vacs. (By the way, the sale they had this past weekend was unbelievable; I paid $30 for the WD1245.)

      Question I have though, is why are you blowing dust out of the exhaust port? If your filter is damaged, that might well make it a bit louder than normal and/or your bearings and fan may be worn as a result.