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Fast Chargr should idle fan when complete

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  • Fast Chargr should idle fan when complete

    The Rapid Max Twin charger is great and I appreciate the cooling fan to improve battery service.

    However It is anoying as heck running 24x7!

    When the lights turn green on the charger and the batteries go to trickle charge/standby the fan should shut off!

    Not only would the be an improvement from a noise level, moving air through the charger/battery all the time is just an opportunity to collect dust and eventually block the air passages.

    Sure I could just go back and remove the batteries. But my preferred method of operation is to keep a couple batteries on the charger. This way it is easy to know which ones are ready. When I remove a battery I simply replace it with a cool one that hasn't been recently used. This way I am guaranteed to always have plenty of power.

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    This constant fan has been annoying me as well, we talking about a .50 circuit mod, can't understand why they leave it running. I 'm really thinking about doing a circuit mod to fix this problem. I use mine in dusty environments(homebuilding) and i don't need dust being sucked into my batteries.


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      While I agree the noise output reminds me of a vacuum cleaner left on, the instructions clearly suggest that the batteries be removed from the charger after the cycle is complete. Since I work amongst thieves anyway, I label everything. On one end of the rubber foot of the battery I write "Life"; the other "Sick". The "Dead ones" go to the charger for 25 minutes. I use sick batteries untill they die. Depending on how the batteries are placed on a shelf indicates whether they are fully charged or between resurrections. Just like the Frankenstein Monster-sentenced to "Life by Electrocution".