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  • Ridgid Table Saws

    Ridgid should make a set of tables to accessorize the two table saws in the line up. It would be nice to purchase a factory outfeed and extension table and new rails instead of having to build them from scratch. Time isn't on my side when it comes to woodworking, so I like to spend what I have on more interesting projects.

    Hey, same goes for your miter saws.
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    I also would like to see extensions, outfeed tables and longer fences. Even an extensions with a spot for a router. Let's start making table saw accessories that will compete with Jet and Delta. Keep your loyal base happy.



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      Well put my name on that list!
      Andy B.


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        Hey very good post guys. I'm sure that when I get My TS it'll be evident to me that the unit would be more funcional with the well needed attachments to compete with the Unisaw from Delta and others like it.



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          I guess I'm a different type of woodworker. I love showing off my cabinets and things I spent a year making to set up my shop, vs store bought accessories. My home made stuff is custom to my preferences and needs. Generalized accessories often do not fit the needs of the majority. And you end up altering them anyways. And by far, constant improvement of effective custom items in the shop will be an endless ongoing thing with me.

          With each project, you will devise a better solution and improved method of doing things that will take less time and give better results. Which, you can not count on purchasing from manufactured items specific to the custom woodworker to fit the individual shop space or set up.

          Woodworking in a precission mode is patients oriented. If you rush the shop, you rush the projects. When woodworking, time should be the last thing on your mind. Precission, effeciency and dedication to details should be the only thoughts when producing an heirloom. Careful planning of the shop will yeild you in the long run much less frustration with greater quality and more effective methods than something manufacture in a generalized state.

          If it's ment to last several lifetimes, it can't be produced like production RTA store bought offerings which used CNC techno. You HAND CRAFT precission and that...Takes patients, and a great deal of time. Improving upon your means and methods with makings of your own ideas is worth non less short of a historical heiloom. And the pride and satisfaction that comes with that is by far has greater wealth than the all mighty dollar.
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