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    Egad, RGad!
    I LOVE IT when you talk technical!


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      I understand what you are saying, and perhaps I stand corrected. I don't own a battery-operated drill, and therefore presumed that their current draw was substantially less than an AC plug-in unit. The suggestion was based on an assumption that there was no "magic" in those little 3 x 4 inch Ni-Cad packs that plug into the bottom. Given your example of amperage draw, I am surprised that the batteries last longer than two-minutes!

      You are correct in the fact that a deep-cycle battery should not be drawn down to nothing. Still, it stands to reason that a larger battery/alternative DC source would still be an added convenience and should provide a significant run-time advantage over the normal clip-on battery pack.

      With regard to radio equipment, my 100 watt transmitter draws 10 amps and receiver less than 1 amp. According to specifications from the battery manufacturer, my back-up deep-cycle will draw 10 amps for nine hours without damage. (Isn't that 90 amp hours from a 125 amp hour battery. That only 28% of the battery's stated capacity and perhaps that really is too little. On field exercize, I've operated through a weekend, but actual transmission time is subtantially less.

      My experience with an electric drill, is that one generally doesn't run solid for more than a few minutes unless they are drilling holes in concrete. But my experience is perhaps limited. So, I guess I need to go purchase a 14 volt drill and do some experimenting.




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        Where I wrote, "my 100 watt transmitter draws 10 amps" should have read, "while my 100 watt transmitter can draw 20 amps, an average 100 watt transmission is more like 10 amps."

        (Used as an example of comparisn with high amperage draw on a deep-cycle battery.)


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          (thats the sound of this posting going way over my head)