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460 Tri-stand lariat

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  • 460 Tri-stand lariat

    the 700 power head threader can buck like a mule and I have upgraded an old in the field trick of tieing a rope with a loop to the right leg of the tri stand using a marine SS shackle and some marine houser line rope. This hanks over the handle of the 700 and keeps it from bucking the operator over the work when the R12 dies bind. IT works perfectly everytime and really, this is something that should have been done ages ago.
    Also, the Oiler needs a paper strainer to catch the fine filings from treading from passing through the strainer into the oil bucket!
    The Oiler needs a better handle hook that will make sure it stays hooked to the stand and the stand needs a few more convienente fixtures on it to hold more tools to it (for a small cleaning straw to clear the R12 dies, oblong holes on top of the tri-stand for a pipe wrench to torque down the chain tensioner as it does not have enough leverage on the handle as the pipe often slips through the chain and the jaws.
    I have made many tools that I use everyday and that I loan out. What about new tools and not modifications to existing tools. Does Ridgid share when a good idea is presented?

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    Please use the 775 Support Arm with your 700 Power Drive to react against the torque of the machine. Your lariat idea is not how the tool was designed to be used.

    Here's the link to the 775 Support Arm accessory:

    And a link to the 700 Power Drive manual showing how it is used:

    Be careful!