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Ridgid Table saw router adapter

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  • Ridgid Table saw router adapter

    I would like to see the ability to attach a router to the Ridgid TS2424 or TS2412 table saws. Sears has an accessory that does that including the safety guard.

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    I would also like to see a router attachment
    for the ts2412 table saw.


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      I would like to see it for the TS2424.
      Andy B.


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        I have seen the router extension Sears sell and with their idea I came home and built my own router table extension for my TS2424. It works great. I used that space on the left side of my wing between the rails and added a 12in x 27in x 3/4in mdf board with a laminate on top. I also cut a piece of plexiglass which I mount my router on to and can be dropped in the opening and removed easily for using the router elsewhere.

        I also made a fence that I clamp to my rip fence for the router use. This way I have an inexpensive shaper.

        Now I have the Porter Cable Spindle Sander which I am thinking about doing the same thing with on the other side.

        Not only does it free your shop of some space, it also give you a larger working area for you saw.

        Any way it works for me.....just my thoughts.

        Good Luck......Scott


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          So jake what do you say?
          Andy B.


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            So ridgid what do you say?????
            Andy B.


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              Don't have a whole lot to say. The router table is a good idea but not something we are working on currently.



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                If not a router table how 'bout a work bench insert attachment for the router? I think they would sell like hot cakes. and give a lot of people an opportunity at the decision to modifying their shop made work surface. I had a hard time with the "What if I don't like the way it looks" part of that decision and would have bought an alternate mount for my router if it were available in a heart beat, but making a router table out of a work bench is a great excuse to work on the work space instead of getting stuff done (lol)
                \"The details are where you and your gods smile at each other...\"


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                  Just wondering???

                  If you are supposed to be such handy men in our shops, why havn't you made your own router table wing yet ,huh??? I did about 3 years ago. I just take the left cast wing off & make a 18" wing out of 2 thickness of 3/4" counter top chip board with oak wrapped all around 4 sides covered with laminate (Formica). I cut & routed the center to accept 1/2" insert of phenolic for the router.

                  If the ladies don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!!!!
                  Use safety devices or you may not need gloves.