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rigid pneumatic nailers??

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  • rigid pneumatic nailers??

    it would be interesting to see rigid put together a line of pneumatic nailers and staplers like dewalt did.

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    That is exactly what I was thinking!


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      They have some on the way, I saw a 3 1/2" clip head nailer and a 2 1/2" finish nailer at the Toronto wood show last weekend


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        The latest issue of WOOD has a review of 12 different 18ga brad nailers. One of those was the Ridgid R213BNS. It actually was rated very highly with six "A" ratings and two "B" ratings in eight different catagories. Of the 12 nailers reviewed though it was the second most expensive at $130.

        Some of the features on this nailer are;
        1. Both bump or sequential fire.
        2. 5/8" - 2 1/8" brads
        3. 70-120psi air pressure range
        4. Thumbwheel depth adjustment
        5. Oilless operation
        6. Assembled in Taiwan

        I have yet to see any of the nailers on the shelves at the local HD's though.

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          Actually there are six different pneumatic nailers on the way. There is a brad nailer, angled finish nailer, straight finish nailer, stapler, coil roofing nailer, and depending on your local codes either a clipped head, or full round head framing nailer. We should see them in the Home Depot Stores by the end of April, or first of May.


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            Could anybody post a picture of the Ridgid nailer? I havent got that issue of Wood yet.


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              I was at Home Depot tonight. ridgid has a 16 guage finish nailer for $119. It'll be 10% off tomorrow. Would anyone recommend a DeWalt or a Porter Cable over the new Ridgid. Ridgid has a lifetime warranty and DeWalt only has a three year warranty. Any comments
              Joe C.


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                Like Senco, Ridgid has plastic magazines. PC is all metal. Can't speak for Dewalt.


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                  A friend and i went to home depot today and they had a nice , huge display of the complete line of ridgid nailers.Now i myself know little about nailers , ....really nothing....but hes a nail gun nut , and he couldnt walk away from the display.He LOVED them. He named off a few features that he said normally doesnt come on nailguns in that price range.And he loved the conection for the hose , it has a swivel on it.He loved and was very impressed (without useing any of them of course)and he has every brand their is
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                    well, i finally got a chance to check them out for my self and i must say they are not up to par with my standards. i was not particularly impressed with the overall build quality of the ridgid nail guns and they are not worth the extra if you ask me.


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                      Yeah I got a look at them today at my local HD. That swivel air connector is a nice feature. I don't know enough about nail guns to make an intelligent comparison. I just receintley purchased a pancake compressor and finishing nailer both porter cable, like new. Gun has seen little to no use. The one thing that i did notice off hand that was a turn off was the plastic "tip" (sorry not sure the correct term). I don't believe my PC is plastic? Not 100% sure on that one. Of course the lifetime warranty is always appealing! I don't mind paying a bit extra for that. I don't know how well they would work for heavy constant use, professional framers, etc, but my guess for the DIY'r/woodworker they will hold up just fine. I don't believe even craftsman has a lifetime warranty.

                      I have no valid opinion on them.

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