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  • Cordless trim nailer

    Ive mentioned it in another section but this seems to be the most appropriate place.

    Youve got a full line of pneumatic tools out now which seem to be very nice.

    How about a battery powered trim nailer? Senco and Dewalt both have theirs out and they are quite convenient and useful. My Senco gun is showing its age so...

    If Ridgid had a battery powered trim nailer out Id pick it up in a heartbeat (18volt of course)


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    I would buy a 18ga and 16ga in a 18v if they were produced, perhaps a framer too..


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      I'd go for it too, but if you look at the paslod framing nailer that things a beast! For $600 you could spend less on a porter cable compressor and 3 nailers!!! the downside is that the tool may be heavy compared to a hose connected version....

      But still if you made a cordless framing nailer I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
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        You guys should look at this thread for an alternative that could save you a few bucks and allow you a much better range.
        If you set something up like this then you dont have to buy any new tools use your existing ones. Saves you space too then you dont have to have doubles of all your nailers. Not as cheap to use a batterys would be but still not to bad. Cheaper to build one yourself than buying one paslode. And then you can use better quality tools too.
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          my paslode cordless was only $329 and my angeled trim nailer was $275(on sale from $350something) so i must be way ahead of the game
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            I thought you said cordless nail trimmer.