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  • Need a about making it?

    With some of the tightly curved features of some projects, I'm getting aweful tired fast of filing saw teeth marks out. So I'm in the market for a 1"x30" belt / 6" disc combination sander.
    Delta makes a couple and some off brand others with lower end units. But I would like one from Ridgid. I have grown accostomed to the quality and smooth operation of Ridgid.
    I have the spindle/belt sander but getting into tight V cuts is impossable with it.
    So what say ye Ridgid?
    Would sell me another universal stand with it!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    If you don't want to wait a few years the Grizzly G1013 is worth looking into. Its a little larger than the one you described, 1x42 belt/8 disc, but the machines footprint is not that big and the bigger disc really comes in handy. This is a well built machine and virtually vibration free.
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      Thanks Dave!
      I've looked at that one too.
      The 30 inch belt will keep the price of belts minimul. Also, I quit doing auto body repair for 17 years about 7 years ago and I have a several rolls of 6" gold adhesive backed 3M discs layring around from 80 grit to 400. So investment for a 6" disc sander wouldn't include buying paper.
      It's hard to find that size combination in a decent machine.
      Even if it did take a couple years for Ridgid to get one on the market, I'd purchase it and sell/throw out/give away what ever I had purchased to get me by.
      Lowe's has the Delta model the same size as the Grizzly you mentioned for 88 bucks. I guess I can always just stick the 6" discs on the 8" face, haha.
      Any machine suggested is worth a look in my opinion, so don't be shy suggest even a low end unit.
      Thanks in Advance.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        Can't help on the disks, but Econ-Abrasives sells 1x42 belts for the same price as 1x30, 81 cents.

        You would have to buy a few to accomodate the shipping I guess. They are just up the road from me, I'm lucky on that one.