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how about a Ridgid brand rip claw hammer?

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  • how about a Ridgid brand rip claw hammer?

    here are some links for some of best rip hammer's I know.
    take note of some of the prices.
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    RIDGID already has a claw hammer. Check out the general purpose tool section at Ridgid Tools. They used to have both a right and left handed ergonomically designed claw hammer but I didn't see them on the website. I'm not making that up either, I have one of the right handed versions.
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      Ive seen those left and right handed also. never tryed one.Was a estwing man for years till I tryed that, stanley antivibe,thats what I use today and fits me!

      Be safe out there folks.

      Bob B
      Be safe out there folks
      Bob B


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        My two cents. I use a 16 oz American made Estwing with weight foward technology. Model WF17L 17 oz fiberglass 16" handle, smooth face. It hits like a 21 oz and costs $30 bucks. I love it and I have no fatigue with averaging 300 nails a week.

        I like the Stanley Fat Max too but its foreign made and I would like to keep friends employed.

        The Stiletto is real nice and titanium is great, but lets face it for that price I can get a nail gun.


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          I bought one of the left handed hammers just to say that I had one!
          truth be known they are only left handed when driving nails and become right handed when using the claw. But attaboy to Ridgid for remembering us and making them...


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            Dead-ON tools ALL THE WAY!

            I don't know who makes Craftsman's hammers but they are AWEFUL! The rip and framer, the waffle face does not last. I have returned mine several times.

            I never thought I would say 79.00 for a hammer is worth it. The dead-on framer runs about that. I got mine on ebay for 39.00 and after using it, it is worth 79.00 easy. I just bought their finish hammer and their exhumer bar is AWESOME as well.

            Haven't seen their rip hammer, I bought a Plumb not long ago, and it has served me well so far. When it comes time to replace it, Dead-on all the way