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Sliding Rip scale for Table saws

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  • Sliding Rip scale for Table saws

    I'm sure many of you own Incra products or have at least seen them to be familiar with the sliding lexan scales that they use on their products. The scales can be slid back & forth to "0" out the device. This is useful when using different size cutters in your router as an example.

    If a similar sliding scale were attached to my table saw rails, I would be able to "Rezero" when making dado cuts or switching back and forth from thin kerf blades to full kerf blades. I am aware that stick on scales are available, but they would not provide the degree of adjustability, nor can the small plastic sight on the fence be adjusted enough to accommodate 3/4" dados.

    A small slot milled into the fence rails to accept a standard 1/2" scale would do it. If anyone has any other ideas on how I could accomplish this let me know.

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    Thanks for the suggestion