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    it would be really sweet to see the rigid radio but I think it would be better to have an in-line port for an mp3 player which would repuce the price, and have a two charging ports on each side of a cord with a few ac outlets in the middle of the wraped cord. I hope that makes sence since it woulb be better to post a picture of it. A cd player would be nice but then in most workplaces there is tons of dust/dirt so, you would constantly be cleaning off the laser lens. Bocsh does have a nice radio but, it's way out of my prive range. The ac outlets is a must though. You co workers will enjoy the much need music at work and the spce to plug in their chargers!!!
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      Jumpin' on the bandwagon:
      I've switched to RIDGID, and I'd like a Radio that says so. My Dewalt Radio took an awful long time to charge up just 1 battery. Perhaps twice as long as the standard charger.
      You guys with previous posts on this topic have been outstanding. A built-in power strip and an mp3 port are excellent suggestions. How about standard audio RCA ports too?


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        worsite radio

        -advanced battery diagnostive modes:
        volt level
        amH output
        charging curve graph
        conditioning mode
        a "storage mode" for batteries that charges them to only 40% and stops, which is the recommended level for optimal storage conditions and servicability

        -and for petes sake, please, a quieter FAN on the charger so i can hear myself think when i'm doing miters.

        -Organic LED display

        -radio (plus weather service as suggested by others)

        -effective, internal antenna

        -audio inputs/jacks (ipod, external cd player, microphone for PA usage)

        -i wouldn't include a CD player. just the radio and inputs.

        -weather sealed controls and battery compartment

        -can charge or RUN OFF of battery

        -roll cage, rubber suspension

        -lots of orange and rubber

        -GFCI outlets

        ** Molded in Bottle Opener

        also, while there are OSHA regulations on radios on worksites, a large percentage of the ridgid market seems to be DIYs, and indepentants. I worked as a sales associate in a REAL hardware store (other than lowes and home depot) and several of the contractors mentioned their desire for a for a nice, compact radio/charger/worksite entertainment for those "non-OSHA" hours or places away from the designated work space.


        sorry for the duplicate post, but saw this thread after i posted something similar elsewhere. also, looking for an internship in industrial design....


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          Originally posted by Bo_hamrick
          ...on many job sites radios are banned either by the owner of the company or by OSHA.
          It must be banned by the owner (AHHHHHH, the feeling of power over men!!!).
          I kind of doubt if OSHA cared about a radio unless it was in your bathtub.
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            i personally work on a job site where Osha has come through a few times. And we have never heard a word about our radios being out.. And i also agree that we need a large orange radio.


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              "..there are OSHA regulations on radios on worksites.."

              There are? Can you point me to the section in 29CFR1910 or 29CFR1926 that states this?

              Those are the Federal Regs by which OSHA enforces the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970 (the law).

              PART 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards

              PART 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
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