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A management machine w/attachments

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  • A management machine w/attachments

    How about a machine to replace their management?
    A machine that would sell not only through HD, and keep production of the woodworking line in the USA as is.
    This machine could take attachments that actually listens to its customers.

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    I'm baffled why Ridgid limits distribution to one chain. I wouldn't expect the neighborhod hardware store to carry them but certainly wider distribution?


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      I would venture a guess that with the number of outlets that HD has, RIDGID has more full line distribution points nationwide than many of the other tool manufacturers have.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        contracts are binding and you can't just pick a different supplier. what's worse, now that the ridgid line is being off-ed by emerson and new producers to support the ridgid line (probably overseas, ie, chinese....) are being sought, things can only get worse and the trusted ridgid name may be going down the tubes. jet, grizzly, even sears might become the replacement of choice. on the other hand, made in america is just a mind set, doesn't necessarily mean the best value for the buck, just means it cost more. i go with the best value. not a 'party person' (republican, democrat, made here not there) if you get my drift. i'd prefer an american source when it makes sense, like trying to find replacement parts, but for lower cost items, doesn't really matter that much. if it's cheap enough and good enough, just replace it. as far as doing sales through a machine, a web outlet could help almost any business.