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VAC does not suck air in

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  • VAC does not suck air in

    The Ridgid 16 gallons VAC (WD 1735) was use with table saw. The VAC works fine for several months. Today, the sound from the noise muffler suddenly became louder and the VAC does not suck in air any more (the motor works and air comes out of noise muffler and from the top of vac assembly as normal). The only thing unusual I noticed is the foam at the end of the noise muffler got sevral holes but I don't think that the cause of the problem. I also dismantled the van assemble from its bottom and cleaned the dust accumulated on the foam inside the vac assembly. But the VAC still does not work. Any information on the cause of the problem will be highly appreciated.

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    Sounds to me like you have a blockage somewhere in the hose.
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      May also want to remove the filter and make sure the float is not stuck at the top.