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  • Ridgid Shop Vac

    I purchased a Ridgid Shop Vac a couple of months ago to clean up after my woodworking. It does a great job but could be improved by adding a small directional cup to the exhaust port.

    As I vacume the exhaust air or where I could install the hose to make it a blower, blows the sawdust all over the place making a bigger mess than what I started with.

    Just a small cup type piece of plastic which would fit in to that exhaust port and direct the air flow upwards would help to leave my mess in one pile.

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    I had the same problem with my shop vac. I measured up the hole and it was close to the same size as 1-1/2" o.d. schedule 40 pvc, so i bought a 90 degree street elbow to put on it. I had to wrap some electrical tape around it to make it stay, but it worked for me. I'm not sure what size the hose outlet is on your'd have to measure but you might get lucky and you'll find something that fits. Good luck.
    Marcus Rinaldi<BR>Service Tech<BR>F&W Heating & Cooling


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      There is a muffler available that fits in the exhuast port. It has about a 45ยบ bend in it and can be redirected upward. This muffler does not really take down the decible level but it does reduce the high pitch sound.



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        Jake, can you get this muffler shield at our local HD? Or is it a special order item? If so I would have to order it off the internet. My HD doesn't seem to get anything that is special order.........Donny