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  • Variations of the MSUV...

    I'd love to see variations of the MSUV. Like maybe:

    a universal table, large enough so that you could layout a blueprint on, or do assembly on

    a router table or planer (possibly be able to mount a corded portable planer upside-down under the table) setup

    or maybe:

    Attachments(?) for the MSUV/RSUV/"X"SUV - or even the tablesaw stand.

    toolbag/toolroll that can be strapped to stand to hold and keep handy the various related use tools

    possibly a "hammock"(?) that can be strapped on under the table to hold stuff.
    maybe a couple of GFCIs (with cord wrap - Yeah!) so you can run your wet/dry vac/ etc. (or your radio-to-eventually-be) that's under the table on the Hammock.

    how about a light (or two - Hey it's a miter saw, no shadows, please!) with a flexible arm that can be clamped on behind the saw to light up dark work areas.

    Or - on the other end of the spectrum - (don't laugh)
    an umbrella - (like the telephone guys use) for when there's NOTHING on the jobsite.

    Do I have to do everything? I came up with the ideas - now go get busy!
    Tools Rule

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    And of course, it has to come in at under $100, $50 when on sale.
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      Rockler just announced a new portable miter support. It looks a lot like the Ryobi ($99), with it's horizontal tubular rails and folding tube steel legs. It has a single wheel mounted up under one end so it can be moved "wheelbarrel" style. Interesting though is the addition of an aluminum vise and lamp, along with a multi-outlet strip. Hefty price though at $250, I think. ( )

      I received the Ryobi for Christmas and although heavy, it's pretty sturdy. It doesn't have the features of the Ridgid MSUV though. But for my occasional use, it's okay and I like it. It probably wouldn't take much to make almost any kind of add-on like mentioned or as provided with the Rockler.



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        Originally posted by BadgerDave
        And of course, it has to come in at under $100, $50 when on sale.
        THAT goes without saying! (I felt like the $149.00 price, although not on sale, was a fair price for the MSUV)

        Tools Rule


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          Phil, don't talk too loud, someone is listening. Badger Dave mentioned that he wanted a jobsite radio with an MP3 player on this forum and Bosch came out with one. LOL
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