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    Ive seen a few of the other companys around with these lately. I was hopeing ridgid might come out with one also.
    Here is the Dewalt one if you dont know what i mean.
    also another one
    I personally would love to see one come out. I have no plans on buying one unless its a ridgid.
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    A radio charger would be great. the only extra option that should be added to it is to make it xm ready (satelite radio), cause radio out here in california is lousy! House-Medic.


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      From what i've heard of there are patent issues with making a new radio. I'm sure ridgid doesn't want to make one that doesn't have at least the features of the bosch. I think Bosch and DeWalt are currently in a lawsuit because DeWalt has a patent to the charger on a radio but Bosch put one in thier version.

      Thats at least what iv'e heard.


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        HD sells Ear muffs w/ an FM radio inside , which we use at the marina. $49. Federal OSHA requires noise protection when using power tools so we get our music and remain PPD compliant. The double charger stays in the shop, the single goes out on the docks. ...Splash happens. And San Diego (California)has great music, & weather similar to Hawai'i.