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    I have read and also done it myself that the bolts are breaking on the Herc U lift. I replaced mine with grade 8 hardend bolts. Why not just ship it with hardend bolts.
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    Simple economics. Profit Margin.
    Grade 8 bolts cost a heck of a lot more than Grade 0 bolts.
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      Herc-U-Lift AC9920 & AC9950 are a Wonderful Thing!

      I have one on the Table Saw (AC9950 - the universal model) and one on the Radial Arm Saw (AC9920 - Can't find this model any longer). This past Monday, I ordered two more (AC9950)... I can not say enough good things about this lift!

      I have had absolutely NO trouble with bolts breaking... then again, I simply snugged them up and did not put the Gorilla Grip on them. Is it possible you're cranking down too hard on them? I'll have to check but I believe I changed the nut to the neopreme locking nuts so they would vibrate off - I'm pretty sure that's what I did.


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        Re: Herc U Lift

        I haven't tried this lift. I have two of the Gorilla Grips though. LOVE THEM!!!!

        Great review about the Gorilla Grip!
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