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Tool Bags for the Pneumatic Tools...

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  • Tool Bags for the Pneumatic Tools...

    Too bad there's no really nice Cordura bag to put the nailer in when not in use. It would round out the nailer purchase very well and protect it from dust, moisture, & junk in the tool box.

    What the heck, you could add a bag to all your power and pneumatic tools!
    Tools Rule

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    I agree

    Yes a bag for framing nailers and others would be nice.

    You spend a fortune on guns only for them to sit exposed in the back of my van to get things dropped on and beat up.

    A bag with condura dividers to seperate a couple of guns would be perfect...and a pouch to store a bottle for oil and glasses.

    Sweet !


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      Use them on the job and you won't have a problem with things falling on them in your van.


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        What ever !

        Lucky for me I'm not a framer. Finishing and tile is my gig.



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          The framing nailer does come with a nice bag. Safty glasses also.


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            Originally posted by topper0910
            The framing nailer does come with a nice bag. Safty glasses also.

            The bag falls over and the safty glasses are junk, but I like the bag anyway. It holds things better than most plastic cases do.


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              When I was shopping for a softsided bag for my laptop I remember seeing a number of cases with one and sometimes two velcro attached moveable dividers to partition the inside. Just thought that might make a nice case for 2 or 3 nailers, plus there's plenty of pockets and hidey spots for nails, oil, allen wrenches etc.


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                Nail gun bags

       bags has 3 different brands. Mossy Oak, Bucket Boss, and Grizzly. Mine are mossy oak and they work just fine. Hope this helps.