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    Ridgid is coming out with this new hand tool line. Two aluminum levels are included in the lineup, the sizes are not mentioned, but one being a torpedo level, is most likely 8" or 10". The other is... who knows, but my complaint is, you can go to Lowes, Home Depot or Menards, and not find a 3' (foot) level.
    So Ridgid are you listening?...come out with a 3' level. Ever try to hang a standard 2' towel bar with a 2' level??? You can't...and a 4' can be too long most of the time.

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    I have never seen a 3' of any brand, just 2, 4, and 6'. You could buy a cheaper 4' and cut one end off or use a 2' with a piece of aluminum angle that is 3' long. I know this is not the answer you wanted but don't know if there is enough call for a 3' to warrent any manufacturer producing one.
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      36" levels, they do exist

      Before i went and Mickey Moused a 4 foot or 2 foot, i would go buy a 36" Stabila for $80 dollars. Brick layers use them, other trades too... this is about new tool ideas or improvements, not Mickey Mousing. I want Ridgid to come out with an affordable 32" or 36" aluminum level, it would be highly useful. And since Ridgid is already entrenched in Home Depot, I could simply go to Home Depot to buy a replacement when mine got lost (stolen).


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        FWIW, Home Depot already sells a 36" level, at least mine does. It's made by Johnson.
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          i have 2 ridgid torpedo levels with a laser. they stopped making these i think because i got the 2 for less then the price of 1 .

          if ridgid does make a line of levels make sure they use very strong magnets .i also use craftsman levels only because i get a new one about every 3 months ,they keep falling to the ground.

          so make a good level thanks

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            One Meter levels are standard in Europe, I don't know what it's like getting Metric tools in the US. but I certainly wish that Rigid, and a few other tool manufacturers would go just a little more metric