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  • Pipe Reamer #127

    I just purchased a #127 pipe reamer, had it for a few weeks, using it on copper as it says you can. It has 3 blades for external reaming and 3 blades for internal reaming. However, its design is very poor for external reaming, expecially pronounced when using it for 1/2" and 3/4" copper tubing. The design flaw lies in the fact that it only has three blades, and if you have a large burr perhaps from sawing the pipe, as not all pipes can be circle cut, or maybe your tubing cutter wheel is dull, anyway... the cut requires deburring. This burr will hang on one of the blades and with twisting motion, will cause the copper tube to climb out of contact with all 3 blades and be forced to the inside wall of the tool, making deburring the tubing quite difficult. THIS WOULD NOT OCCUR, IF THE TOOL HAD FOUR OR FIVE BLADES ON EACH SIDE. Additionally, if the internal reaming side had more blades, more efficient deburring, with a lot less twisting of the wrist would make using the tool all day, less fatigueing.

    I am not recommending this tool on copper until Ridgid adds a couple of blades.

    Yea, I know someone will say... hey, use the #227, but I couldn't find it in the stores around here, plus its double the cost of the #127, and you would have to be careful never to drop it on a tiled floor (the #227 weighs 5 times more than the #127). So really what needs to happen is Ridgid needs to fix the poor #127 tool design by adding 2 blades extenal and 2 blades internal, thats 10 blades total, and keep it the same price!