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16 gal Pro Vac WD1850

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  • 16 gal Pro Vac WD1850

    Nice vac except that within a few months of useage, the front caster wheels begin wobble in their retaining sleeve and bind against the inside wall of the cups they are enclosed in. The result is that the vac skids arossed the floor instead of rolling when pulled by the hose. This is not so good for finished hardwood floors, and becomes impossible to roll across a tiled floor. The casters are cheap and without any bearings. They are not of a Pro quality like the rest of the vac, but of a "SIT IN THE GARAGE CORNER 98% of the TIME" quality. Ridgid needs to reengineer the front casters so that they is plenty of clearance between the wheel and cup wall, AND provide bearings, a bronze sleeve bearing would be acceptable, but roller blade bearings are cheap, why not use those. And don't forget to bearing the caster plate, not just the axle. Ridgid made some serious (beneficial) changes over the previous model, but somehow overlooked the casters.
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