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cordless electric collar for helpers

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  • cordless electric collar for helpers

    picture this you have a helper (as many of us do) you tell him to do something once, twice, three times and the guy keeps procrastinating , taking his time , but if ridgid made a bracelet or collar with a remote control that ran on 18 volt battery you could shock some sense in to your helper

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    Something similar has been around for years--it's called a PINK SLIP!!!!


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      nah!!!! shocking is whole lot more fun!!!!


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        i got pink slips all the time in school didn't do me any good or the teacher. It helps if you explain clearly to them and get the 24v or 48v shocking tool belt. Since a tool belt can get heavy any way they shouldn't notice it until the last second.
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          Shocking collar

          Why don't you buy yourself a Taser? You can pick one up off the internet if your state doesn't allow you to buy one. Then put it on a holster on your tool belt. Tell your assistant once to do something. In 10 minutes, repeat yourself and draw the Taser out of the holster. Bet you $100 you'll never actually have to fire it once he sees you point it at him.
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            With a cattle prod you don't have to get as close or have to wind up all those little wires!!
            Maybe you could adapt one of those dog collars that works with the buried electric fences, although if you made them wear it on their belt, it might be more effective

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              Here is the ultimate system for containing helpers on large sites. You can set up a perimeter up to 25 acres to keep them from wandering off too far and a handheld remote to 'stimulate' activity when required
              helper trainer


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                Unhelpful helper? Problem solved.


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                  Re: cordless electric collar for helpers

                  Originally posted by tonnydoodles View Post
                  but if ridgid made a bracelet or collar with a remote control that ran on 18 volt battery you could shock some sense in to your helper
                  I think, in most cases with young folks, you need to attach to another part of the anatomy, if you know what I mean.


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                    Re: cordless electric collar for helpers

                    Keep your helper working. The Big Dog remote training system is specially designed for helpers weighing 140 lbs. or more and stubborn, hard-to-train helpers. It offers the widest range of stimulation levels available (10), which can be easily set from the hand-held transmitter. It also features a tone-only option, which is useful for correction without stimulation, once the helper is trained. The waterproof receiver collar can receive the correction signal up to 100 yards.
                    Kit features
                    • 10 levels of stimulation plus tone-only button
                    • 100 yard range
                    • Waterproof Receiver
                    • Water resistant remote transmitter
                    • Adjustable nylon collar
                    • Operations manuals
                    • Two 3-volt batteries.

                    Item requires two 9-volt batteries that are not included.

                    Transmitter Specifications:
                    • Height: 6"
                    • Width: 1.5"
                    • Depth: 1"
                    • Weight: 3.5 oz.
                    • Frequency: 303.825 MHz
                    • Correction dial on face
                    • Red light on face
                    • Pop off battery cover and belt clip on back

                    Receiver Collar Specifications:
                    • Height: 1"
                    • Width: 2.5"
                    • Depth: 1.25"
                    • Weight: 3.6 oz.
                    • Antenna running through strap
                    • Light on side
                    • Power push button
                    • Red Light serves as low battery indicator
                    • Battery life of up to 30 days

                    General Information:
                    • Correction levels: 250 volts - 7000 volts
                    • Before first use, you must program the Receiver Collar to the Transmitter by turning the Receiver Collar on, setting the Transmitter dial to level 1, and pressing the two buttons on the Transmitter at the same time while holding the Receiver Collar and Transmitter 1-5 feet apart
                    • Temporary safety shut off occurs when a button has been held down for 5 seconds or longer (will reset when button is released)
                    • Light will flash on Receiver Collar once every four (4) seconds to indicate low battery
                    • Will retain program memory if batteries die or if they are removed